SUPERTECH ENGINEERS , An ISO Certified Co. Supertech ENGINEERS Training Academy

A Company for E P C Projects

Supertech Engineers Training Academy (Regd.)


We design, develop and supply specialised equipments in CS, Alloy Steel, Low Carbon and varieties of Stainless Steel for industries like Chemical, Petrochemical, Refineries, MDF, etc., as per International Standards. These cost effective, high quality solutions are working to the full satisfaction of several leading companies.

Supertech helps POY plants maintain profitability in the face of changing economy through new techniques and cost-effective solutions.

The Crystallizer cum Column Dryers for Polyester Chips System and Equipments designed, manufactured and supplied by Supertech are working satisfactorily to the advantage of several leading quality conscious manufacturers.

The range of products we manufacture includes:

• Process Equipments for drying of textile grade Polyester Chips
• Spinning Beams for POY Industries
• Master Batch Dryer for Dope Dye Spinning Plant
• P.E.T. Chips Dryer (Fluidize type with Crystallizer)
• Nylon Chips Continuous Dryer Closed Loop Nitrogen system
• Reactors & Equipments for Continuous Polymerization/Polycondensation
• Dowtherm Boilers with all Controllers
• Blending Silos, Tanks and Vessels
• Closed Loop Chips Conveying System
• Heat Exchangers for HTM Circulation System
• Equipments for MDF Projects